Without a good ventilation system, your home can fall victim to several problems. Any moisture in the air can form condensation, encouraging the growth of mold. Subsequently, dust mites tend to flourish in damp conditions, and this can lead to an increase in dust-related allergies or asthma.

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation provides an ideal ventilation solution, and the technology couldn’t be more straightforward. Typically, the units are kept in an accessible loft or a cupboard space. Fresh air from the outside is supplied to the habitable rooms, while stale humid air is extracted from the 'wet' rooms. This system requires ducting and air diffusers to be fitted throughout the dwelling.


Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) is an intelligent ventilation method that ensures good indoor air quality, while saving energy. DCV systems are automatic. As a result, no user interaction is required. Filters for this type of unit are also not required.

DCV units respond to humidity in the air. When the air in your home has an excess of moisture, stale air is extracted from the wet rooms (kitchen, bathrooms, utility) and fresh air is drawn into to the house through both motion, and humidity sensitive wall inlets in the dry rooms (bedrooms, living rooms etc).

DCV systems are demand controlled. This means each room is ventilated at its optimum level automatically.


An exhaust air heat pump recycles the heat from your house’s ventilation system. As-well as this,  heat generated internally from lighting, people and domestic appliances is also re-used through heat recovery.

Fresh outside air is supplied to the house through cleanable exterior vent holes. The air overflow occurs under the door or through the overflow vent holes. The warm inside air (exhaust air) is drawn into the ventilation system.

Warm exhaust air is supplied to the heat pump for heat recovery. When the inside air has passed through the heat pump, the discharged air is released into the open air. Before this occurs, the heat pump has already extracted enough energy from the exhaust air to produce hot water.


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